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Furatnet Company

Al Furat Net Communications Company, a leading telecommunications company established in Turkey in the Turkish city of Şanlıurfa, provides satellite Internet services, maintenance services and technical consultations

Over the years of the company’s work, our company has ensured to all its customers quality in all the services provided by the company, thanks to specialized work teams of engineers and network and technology specialists, and the accumulation of experiences throughout the company’s work period.

Our company continues its expansion to cover a larger number of regions in Turkey while maintaining the same quality and professionalism in technical work and providing the best Internet experience and speed for individuals and companies alike.

customer satisfaction

Various payment methods

uninterrupted service

Discounts and offers

We present to you in Furat Net

Dedicated support team

In Furat Net, the best specialists in technical support, maintenance and installation of internet lines

Reliability and safety

Browsing security and trust we've earned from thousands of active users over our years

Offers and Challenges

best offers and prices with the highest quality and with a years guarantee to get you the Internet at the best speed

Payment Centers

We have many points of sale so that you can subscribe to the Internet from the nearest center

our price

5 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

215 ₺

6 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

225 ₺

8 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

245 ₺

10 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

265 ₺

12 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

280 ₺

16 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

300 ₺

36 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

405 ₺

50 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

475 ₺

60 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

540 ₺

100 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

600 ₺

150 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

800 ₺

200 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

1100 ₺

300 Mbps

Air-Fiber Limitsiz

1600 ₺

Furat net APP

Enjoy the best features and services provided by the Furat Net application to our customers



You may wonder why Furat Net? Then we will answer you that Furat Net is your best choice because we have the strongest internet network in the Turkish city of Urfa and we have the best specialized technical support team

You will not require a lot of documents, as we are always working to reduce the documents that our employees request from customers. All you need is the complete document in addition to the address of the house in which you reside.

In Furatnet, we have several packages that suit all customers, from the regular home packages to the gaming and TV packages, office and corporate packages, to customized packages that enable you to determine the speed that suits you yourself.

We have two offices in the city of Şanlıurfa, one of which is in the Bagca Lawler area, which is dedicated to customer service.

And our other office is in the Al-Qumbria area.

In fact, we work in contrast to most Internet companies that require their customers to pay certain fines upon termination of the contract or transfer, so you do not need to pay any fine or pay any tax, whatever the circumstances.

We have many means of communication that we offer to our customers in order to facilitate their communication with the company. Receive their requests, opinions and problems. You can communicate with us through:

WhatsApp on the number: 08504410050

Or by calling: 08504410050

Or via e-mail: [email protected]

Furat Net stats

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Selling points

روجين للاتصالات


0 536 050 33 40

عثمان للاتصلات

حياتي حران

0538 946 59 88

بنك الأعطال


0537 772 47 49

اتصالات الملك


0535 654 84 02



0539 287 40 22

صالح للاتصالات


0546 606 20 47

النبيل للاتصالات

يني شاهير

0546 606 20 47


حياتي حران

0535 836 10 00

ماركة سمر

احمد ياسوي

0536 480 61 42

ömer iletişım



مركز اسامة

بامية سو


السوري للاتصالات



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Kamberiye Mah. 875 SK. NO 1/42 Haliliye, Sanliurfa, Turkey 63040
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